About Us

Scopustech is an advanced engineering company with three product lines:

  • 360in1 spherical vision systems
  • Electricity-free solar indoor lighting systems
  • High-precision contract manufacturing of plastic components

Scopustech was founded in 1960 as a private company owned by Kibbutz Maayan Zvi. Its facilities are located in Maayan Zvi, halfway between Tel Aviv and Haifa.

Scopustech enjoys the reputation as the leading Israeli producer of customized high-end transparent plastic products. Scopustech combines an understanding of customer needs with profound engineering capabilities and advanced production equipment. We serve the most demanding customers in the defense, medical, semi-conductor, and printing industries, counting among our customers companies like Rafael, Elbit, Applied Materials, General Electric and Hewlett Packard.

360in1 is a division within Scopustech which develops 360° spherical vision systems for perimeter surveillance, robotics, maritime surveillance, and situational awareness. It developed the Rotary Image Generator (RIG) method which is a proprietary technology to produce full or partly spherical moving images in real-time.