Thermal Forming

One of the great advantages of thermoplastic materials is their capability of being reshaped through application of heat. At Scopustech we apply this method in two ways: Hotline Bending – using controlled narrow heating elements it is possible to bend sheets with high accuracy with relatively small radii. Better accuracy and repeatability are achieved by creating grooves prior to the bending process. Draping – for parts which require larger radii or for slight 3D curves we use the draping method. Using our computer controlled ovens we preheat the plates and then place them upon accurate 3D molds created in our CNC department. Due to our specially developed draping jig we get exceptional results with a wide spectrum of hard to bend parts.

High Quality Polishing

A miniature complex lightguide with a diameter as small as 20 mm is CNC machined and then polished to its high quality. Various polishing techniques are applied, from buffing for gloss, sufficient for esthetic requirements, to high quality planetary optical polish with nearly image transferring qualities. Combined with the needed thermal treatments, Scopustech's optical components obtain a lasting high quality finish. Scopustech applies its polishing capabilities to refurbishing high-quality polymer products with surfaces damaged by intenstive and long use. 

Thermal Treatment

Annealing during production prevents future structural failure of polymer parts, such as crazing or other forms of cracks that may appear under stress, in the presence of various solvents or cleaning agents or under impact. Scopustech applies annealing during the production process and it offers annealing services to other manufacturers of polymer components.


Finishing, Assembly, Clean Room

Scopustech products are carefully handled during the entire production process and in particularly in the finishing stages. To prevent damage to the precise and valuable components by third parties Scopustech has developed fitting and subassembly capabilities, which enable integrating our basic polymer product with electronics, fittings, paint and print or other optical add-ons. The company provides a polymer "One Stop Shop" capability, which supplies to our customers finished and ready to install products.

Structural and Optical Bonding

Scopustech is known for its bonding capabilities and expertise. Through many years of bonding solutions have been applied in hundreds of products with highly demanding specifications. The company applies specially developed structural adhesives, UV cured adhesives, microscopic epoxy potting and many other bonding techniques.

Laser Cutting, Engraving

Scopustech applies the advanced Legend 32EX laser cutting and engraving machine to extend its machining capabilities. Main capabilties: Fast cutting and engraving with rounded edges; 800 x 500 mm work area; Beam width of 0.2 mm for high-precision designs. The laser cutting and engraving capability is limited to PMMA Acrylics.

CNC Machining

Obtaining high quality surface in plastic materials needed for optical products such as light guides and prisms is a complex machining task. During its many years of producing precise optical components Scopustech has developed is special cutting tools and technologies which enable fast economic machining to very high accuracy and finish. Applying a large 3x2m heavy duty CNC mill, Scopustech processes full sized plates to nearly finished products economically and with maximum yields.