Scopustech is an established manufacturer of high-end transparent plastic (polymer) products with over fifty years of experience. Typically the Company's products serve as components in sophisticated systems in the defense, medical, printing, semiconductor and other industries.

The company has the capability to design high-precision components or to produce them according to a customer's design, or to take an active part throughout the customer's design process.

Scopustech components are implemented as light guiding devices in optical systems, as critical polymer components in medical devices, as covers for high-value machines and work safety, as structural elements in LED and LCD displays, and many more.

Scopustech can manufacture products from a variety of materials, which are most suitable for a given application. Among polymers used by Scopustech are acrylic (PMMA), a widely used polymer, polycarbonate with very high impact resistance and PVC with excellent structural characteristics. When needed, Scopustech uses specialty materials, such as static dissipative rigid PVC and static dissipative polycarbonate.

The production capabilities include a variety of methods: thermal forming, hotline bending, CNC machining, laser cutting and engraving, structural bonding, high quality polishing, finishing and assembly.

Scopustech delivers profound engineering know-how, long-standing experience, high design and production versatility, utmost commitment to customer needs, and highest product quality. We are proud to have a record of high customer satisfaction, long-term working relationships and excellent reputation.